Our Mission is to provide a safe learning environment that enables all students to:

  •      Develop Christian character traits
  •      Become life-long learners
  •      Be able to think critically
  •      Interact with others cooperatively
  •      Read, write, and use mathematics
  •      Be able to effectively use various forms of technology
  •      Prepare for a life of useful service


Students who will be 5 years of age by December 2 may enter Kindergargarten.
Students who will be 6 years of age by December 2, and pass the school readiness test
administered by the first grade teacher, may be admitted to first grade.


The El Cajon Seventh-day Adventist Christian School admits students of any race,
color, or national origin to all the right, privileges, programs, and activities generally
accorded or made available to students at the school.  It does not discriminate on the
basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational
policies, admission policies, scholarship and local programs, and other school-
administered programs.


Monday - Thursday                                8:00 am - 3:00 pm
Fridays                                                 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
Minimum Days                                      8:00 am - 12:00 pm


A.  The school secretary must be provided with the name and address of the 
     previous school attended in order to request the student's records.
B.  No student will be admitted whose account from the previous school year
     has not been paid in full.  Any request for exception to this policy will be
     considered on an individual basis by the School Board Finance Committee.
C.  All students will be accepted for a probationary period of 30 days.


The governing body of the El Cajon Seventh-day Adventist Christian School is the School Board.  
The meetings of this board are held monthly and are open to all parents, teachers, and other concerned
individuals.  Notice of each meeting is sent home whith the students on the monthly school calendar.


In the event that a conflict should develop between a parent and a staff member or other person
associated with the school, the procedure listed below is to be followed:

1st step: Go directly to the person involved
2nd step:  Involve the Principal
3rd step:  Involve the Conference Representative
4th step:  If steps 1,2 and 3 are not successful request that it be presented in writing and in person
               to the School Board.


A record of a complete medical examination is required at registration for students entering for the
first time and the 7th grade.  Health records are required for all new and transfer students.  Immunization
shots are required according to state law.  It is a state law that each child, upon enrollment, present
to the school a physical examination signed by the physician.  This is also to be reviewed at grade 7 and
must include a scoliosis  examintation.  Dental examinations are required prior to first year in school,
at kindergarten or first grade. 


Students should bring nutritious lunches for the noon meal.  Please do not send excessive sweets or
beverages containing caffeine.  Candy and foods with little nutritional value are not appropriate.  NO
MICROWAVES are available for heating lunches. 

Arrange with the teacher ahead of time if special birthday or party treats for the entire class are to 
be brought. 

Students are not allowed to leave campus to go to homes, store, or eating places for lunch, unless they
are taken by a parent or an adult who has written parental permission.


Instrumental Music Instruction:  Contract teachers provide private lessons for musical instruments on campus
during school hours.  The music teachers will bill parents directly.  More information is available upon request.


Each class is encouraged to take a limited number of educational field trips during the school year.  In some
instances, a fee may be charged as deemed necessary to defray expenses.  Drivers for field trips are
required to have proof of current insurance, a copy of their driver's license, background check, and signed
SECC Volunteer Commitment on file in the school office. 


All visitors are expected to check in at the front office.  Parents are welcome to visit while classes are in
session.  Arrangements should be made with the teacher prior to any visit.  Parents should no interrupt
a class to talk to the teacher or a student, except in an emergency.  Prior arrangements must be made
for student visitors visiting.  Student must comply with all policies in the Student Handbook.


School insurance covers the use of the play areas only during school activities. 


Taking children out of school during school hours is not encouraged.  Medical appointments should be
scheduled for after school hours whenever possible.


Bus service is not available.  The school does not assume responsibility for transportation.


All arrangements for students to go home with other students after school should be made prior to
arriving at school in the morning and must be confirmed by the parents.


The school, as mandated by California state law, must maintain records of attendance.  Any student tardy or absent 20% of any grading period is subject to being referred to attendance authorities.  Excessive tardies and absences may be cause for a student's withdrawl form school or the forfeiture of grades for the period, jeopardizing grade placement for the following year.

A personal note of explanation written by the parent or guardian is required for each absence.  The student must bring the note when returning to school after any absence.  It must:

                                      1) State the date of the absence
                                      2) State the reason for the absence
                                      3) Be signed by a parent or guardian

Please call the office if a student will be absent.  An excused absence does not relieve the student from making up assignments that have been missed.


It is expected that every student will be in their seat by 8:00 A.M. so as not to interrupt the class or morning worship.  A note must accompany the tardy student stating the reason for being late.  In the event of excessive tardies, appropriate action will be taken.


All students enrolled in the school are covered by insurance which covers accidental injuries sustained on the school campus or on authoized field trips.  Accidents should be reported immediately to the school office.  This secondary insurance covers only what the parents primary insurance does not cover.  Parents are responsible for sending the forms to the insurance company.  The school does not pay insurance claims.


Computers are for school related use only.  Students must keep passwords cofidential.  If a student uses the computer or internet inappropriately the school will not be liable.  School staff has the right to review files and communications to ensure appropriate use and maintain Christian principles. 

Cyberbullying is referred to as online social cruelty or electronic bullying.  This includes the following:

                           * Sending mean, vulgar, or threatening messages or images
                           * Posting sensitive, private information about another person
                           * Pretending to be someone else in order to make that person look bad

Computer privileges may be revoked at any time.  This may lead to disciplinary or legal action.


Respect for authority  and orderly conduct is necessary in order to maintain an environment for learning.  The students must understand that while they are at school, or any school sponsored activities or functions. the teachers and staff have the responsibility to supervise the student's behavior. 

Discipline is a four step process:

  1. Each classrooom teacher has their own rules of discipline.
  2. The Principal becomes involved to reinforce to process.
  3. The student goes before the Discipline Committee.
  4. The Discipline Committee makes recommendations to the School Board.  If a student's progress or conduct is still unsatisfactory, or their influence is found to be detrimental, they may be asked to withdraw from the school.

Any student receiving and 'F' grade in citizenship must go before the Discipline Committee.


In order to prevent the spread of infection, a sick child should remain at home.  If the child has a communicable disease, please notify the school so other parents can be alerted.  If a child becomes ill or has an accident at school, the parent will be notified immediately.  If a parent cannot be reached, the listed emergency contact will be called.  If the accident is of a serious nature, we will call 911 and notify the parents immediately.


California State law does not permit students to administer drugs (either perscritpion drugs or over-the-counter drugs) to themselves or others.  Do not put medicine in a lunch box for children to self-administer.

Medication to be administered by school personnel must be accompanied by a  written statement from the doctor detailing the method, amount, and time schedule by which such medication is to be taken; this form must be accompanied by or must include a statement from the parent or guardian requesting school personnel to assist the student to take the medication exactly as noted on the physician's note.  Forms for these statements will be available.  Prescription medication must be in the original container with a prescription label stating the exact dosage.  Parents should try to schedule medication dosages so that they do not occur during school hours.  A special medicine spoon must accompany liquid medications.  Students with chronic medical problems (such as ashtma or allergies) should have their medications, with required permission forms, at school at all times.


Students may not ride bicycles, or use rollerblades, skateboards or scooters without permission and proper safety equipment at school.  Bicycles ridden to school must be locked and kept in the designated area.  Borrowing or lending of bicycles is not permitted.


Students must obtain permission form the teacher or principal before bringing any of the following to school: mechanical, electrical or battery operated items; squirt guns; pets, games, trading  cards, etc.  A student is not permitted to bring firecrackers, matches, lighters, or other dangerous materials to school at any time.  Cell phones are not allowed on campus.